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Understand Generative AI

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From the history of AI to the state of the art, through an in-depth exploration of ChatGPT, our training guides you to understand these revolutionary technologies. Discover how ChatGPT is transforming the AI landscape and explore the fundamental principles that make it so powerful.

  • Understanding AI simply: History, approaches, and state of the art
  • Overview of Generative Technologies in AI
  • ChatGPT, the game-changing generative AI: understanding its impact on the AI landscape
  • From 'give me the next word' to 'emergent properties': Understanding how ChatGPT works


ChatGPT & Co: What For and How?

Discover how to use these technologies daily to improve productivity, facilitate your work, and speed up laborious tasks. From exploring tools and practical cases to awareness of risks and best practices, you'll be equipped to navigate this constantly evolving field.

  • Using generative AI daily: tools, practical cases, and limitations
  • The art of the prompt and context: write effectively for more efficiency and to avoid undesirable results
  • Awareness of risks and best practices: data privacy, information freshness, hallucination, variability, and bias
  • Beyond ChatGPT: exploring models, tools, and multimodality for daily use


Stay at the Forefront of Rapid Advances in Generative AI

Discover the very latest innovations shaping this constantly evolving field. Anticipate their impact on your activities.

  • Prompt chains, tools, multi-modality, advanced and autonomous agents: towards Artificial General Intelligence?
  • Acceleration and composition frameworks: focus on langchain and its practical use
  • AI as a Service: a new paradigm in architecture, development, and hosting


Prompt Breeders advises and develops integrated generative AI solutions within the operational model and architecture of its clients.

Contact us to discover our solutions in production, and to discuss the opportunities for transforming your model.