And for recruiters, there is... Mairlin 🧙‍♀️🪄✨

Prompt Breeders - And for recruiters, there is... Mairlin 🧙‍♀️🪄✨ - Generated with DALL.E IA Model

Finally, a solution designed with and for recruiters!

Mairlin is the personal assistant for all those who recruit, staff, and evaluate, whether on a daily or occasional basis.

A true co-pilot, it integrates the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Mairlin illuminates, advises, sorts, writes, translates, summarizes, and organizes—all with just a few clicks and in a matter of seconds.


The result? A lot of effort saved and time gained for Talents.

The best profiles at your fingertips

Entrust it with a job description and candidates' resumes, and Mairlin will identify the best profiles for the position. It finely analyzes each profile according to the job and, like a professional recruiter, provides you with a summary: career path, strengths, areas of concern, topics to clarify during the interview...


A valuable content to facilitate your decision-making, present candidates to your internal or external clients, and provide constructive feedback to candidates.

Mairlin also drafts personalized messages for each candidate, sent via SMS or email. It incorporates feedback from both candidates and yourself to continuously refine its analyses. And of course, it provides you with a custom interview guide for each candidate.

And (this can always come in handy) it all comes in – almost – any language! Ideal for international recruitments or resumes written in another language.


Cutting-edge technology and Generative AI

Under the hood, Mairlin uses a combination of advanced techniques, including the latest innovations in Generative AI. These cutting-edge technologies allow Mairlin to assist you intelligently and proactively while always leaving you with the final control. Additionally, studies show that artificial intelligence helps reduce unconscious biases and promote increased diversity within companies. Mairlin is also an ally for more equitable and inclusive recruitment.

Mairlin: Everyone benefits

Mairlin is a colossal time saver for all professional recruiters, HR managers, interim consultants...

But who has never participated in a recruitment or staffing process, even if it's not their main job? Few people, in reality: giving their opinion on the future intern, staffing their project team with a freelancer, surrounding themselves cost-effectively when they are an entrepreneur, growing the SME when they are an HR specialist in payroll, deciding on the future colleague when they are an operational manager...

For all of them, Mairlin represents much more than a time saver; it is a functional gain and monumental comfort. It’s like having access to professional advice.

And security?

Of course, the resumes and job descriptions you entrust to Mairlin always remain your property. They are not shared with other recruiters. The data is hosted in Europe, and the Generative AI models are not trained with your data.

Why Wait?

Mairlin, the future of recruitment? Perhaps. What is certain is that Mairlin is here to help you today. In just a few weeks, more than 500 jobs and 4000 candidates have already been successfully managed thanks to our solution!

Why wait? Try Mairlin and make up your own mind; it’s easy and free!




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