DALL·E 3 : Introducing Conversation-to-Image

Prompt Breeders - DALL·E 3 : Introducing Conversation-to-Image - Generated with DALL.E IA Model

OpenAI announces the upcoming arrival of DALL·E 3 While waiting for a complete review, here are the major advancements promised by OpenAI, and what this could change for text-to-image.

Improved Generative Capabilities

It's a fact, DALL·E 2 has lagged behind its competitors since its release a year ago: Given the same prompt, MidJourney or Stable Diffusion produce more creative, precise, and realistic results. So, is it the end of six-fingered hands with DALL·E 3 ? The examples provided by OpenAI seem to show it. dalle.3 captain But one of the most notable advancements is DALL·E 3's ability to integrate text into the generated images (and not to do so when asked!) dalle.3 venus This is a real weakness of current models; if the promise is kept, many use-cases will become accessible, in fields as varied as advertising, education, or design.

Integration with ChatGPT

This is likely where everything will play out. Traditional text-to-image will give way to conversation-to-image. Thanks to integration with ChatGPT, DALL·E 3 will benefit from ChatGPT's capabilities to generate and seamlessly refine prompts passed on to DALL·E. This integration will also allow the use of ChatGPT's conversational memory to improve images over the course of the conversation and reuse them in different contexts and formats.

Rights, Security, Creative Control

Security and creative control are strengthened with DALL·E 3:

  • Creators have the option to exclude their images from training future image-generation models.
  • Users have full ownership of the images they create, without needing permission to reprint, sell, or market them.
  • As with DALL·E 2, strict measures are in place to limit DALL·E 3's ability to generate violent or hateful content, for more ethical use. In addition, DALL·E would refuse requests that solicit a public figure by their name to limit the generation of deep-fakes.


For now in research preview, DALL·E 3 will be made available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers starting in early October. https://openai.com/dall-e-3


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