ChatGPT - So, Who's Handling It?

Prompt Breeders - ChatGPT - So, Who's Handling It? - Generated with DALL.E IA Model

The use of generative artificial intelligence (and ChatGPT in particular) is growing in companies, shaking up habits and creating new perspectives. Opportunities are vast, but they require a coordinated approach to avoid turning into chaos.

From the Field

Yes, in the real-life workings of a company, it's often a mess on a daily basis!

  • HR is starting to design personalized training programs for its employees by feeding ChatGPT with their resumes and annual evaluations...

  • Due to a lack of clear guidelines, developers, to boost their productivity, are using the free version of ChatGPT to generate unit tests on existing code...

  • In the Communications Department, ChatGPT was tested as early as the end of 2022. The feedback is clear: "The generated text is flat, just passable. It needs to be completely rewritten; we gave up"...

  • As for the Marketing Department, they are diving into creating personalized content for each customer based on their past interactions with the brand...

These examples (are they really fictional??) illustrate the potential of generative AI, the driving forces and barriers to its adoption, as well as the associated risks:

  • good ideas that, when incorrectly implemented, pose real issues in terms of personal data management or protection of the company's assets

  • users who, due to lack of change management and training on ChatGPT, overestimate the complexity of using a tool that could otherwise facilitate their daily lives.

So, Who's Handling It?

We believe that generative AI should be on the agenda of your next executive committee meeting, which will need to consider the opportunity to put in place a coherent structure for the effective and secure use of these tools in your company.

Of course, it is essential to establish clear usage rules and to educate employees about the limitations of generative AI. But also to share best practices, encourage and frame initiatives, and train and support. This is not a one-time action, but a continuous process that must be adapted as these technologies evolve.

And for companies whose business model could be radically transformed by generative AI, it is crucial to take a step back and integrate these technologies into strategic planning. Depending on the size and industry of the company, this could be managed by the Strategy Department, or even by the General Management. It is a matter not only of productivity but also of survival for some companies. Let's not take this issue lightly.


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